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Annexure A


Compensation Package, Benefits, Facilities and Entitlements for Marketing Interns


  1. Monthly Stipend

Sr. No.


Amount (Rs.)


Stipend per month



Conveyance per event

200/- (Outstation)

         100/- (Place of Posting)


(About 25-30 events will take place in a month)



Mobile and Internet Allowance per month



Annual Compensation




  1. Work Environment
    Each intern will be presentation materials, regularly updated training material, periodic training inputs on distributed classroom, daily guidance. Mobile phone and Internet allowance up to Rs. 500 per month.
  2. Timings: Normally 9:30.00 AM to 5:30 PM
    • Public Holidays: 8 in 2018 Calendar year (as per HKCL’s norms).
    • Weekly Off: All Sundays
    • Annual Leaves: 12 for entire internship duration (No additional paid leaves will be granted)
  3. Training and Development Facilities
    • In-house Training Programs and Training at Registered office of HKCL in Panchkula.
  1.    Important regarding conveyance allowance:
  • Marketing Intern will be entitled for conveyance allowance of maximum Rs.200/- per event if s/he travels outside place of posting.
  • Marketing Intern will be entitled for this conveyance allowance only when s/he travels for visit/presentation for specific event.
  • Conveyance allowance will not be paid if Marketing Intern does not travel for the event as specified in specific event.
  • Conveyance allowance will not be paid if Marketing Intern is on leave.
  • No additional conveyance allowance (i.e. more than Rs.200/-) will paid in case of more than one event on same day.
  • Conveyance allowance will be processed on monthly basis. We will not provide any advance for travelling expenses.
  • Marketing Intern will have to maintain ‘Daily Visit Log Sheet’.


  1. Annual Benefits


Sr. No.




Performance allowance payable on December 31, 2018*



Total Annual CTC (A+B)

1,54,000 + conveyance

* Performance criteria for will be communicated at the time of appointment.