About KLiC

KLiC Diploma Gateway to Knowledge Lit Careers

  • Mapped to different roles in the industry
  • Following courses are offered under KLiC Diploma
    • KLiC Certified 2D Animator
    • KLiC Certified Content Illustrator
    • KLiC Certified Web Designer
    • KLiC Certified Desktop Publisher
    • KLiC Certified Image Editor
    • KLiC Certified Stationery Designer
    • KLiC Certified Financial Accountant
    • KLiC Certified Video Editor
    • KLiC Certified Draftsman
  • Each course in Diploma is based on a particular role
  • You can choose appropriate course/s of your choice after going through its description, in terms of industry expectations, skills desired for performing the role in the industry, tools necessary to be learnt and mastered
  • You get the benefits of HKCL’s role-based and work-centric vocational education approach. During the course, you are trained to produce socially useful and productive work (SUPW)
  • The learning process is so designed that it begins with work, from the work, you would derive knowledge and then apply that knowledge to produce wholesome work. Thus, your  development continues on an ever evolving upward spiral
  • Surely, this upward spiral will continue to take you to higher levels of excellence and enhance your employability, knowledge, confidence and self-esteem