Admission Mode

Admission Mode

o Learner is free to choose the admission mode
o Direct Mode
o Part Mode

Direct Mode Admission

o In Direct mode admission Learner directly apply for HS-CIT A+ admission and pays the full course fees in single installment.
o Learner needs to choose the 4 modules at the time of admission i.e. HS-CIT and 3 HCOC Module.
o Course Fees is Rs 18000 for HS-CIT A+ Course.
o No Examination fees will be applicable in case of direct mode admission.

Part Mode Admission

o In Part mode admission, After completing HS-CIT(A) course Learner will apply and complete the two modules i.e. 2 HCOC Modules and then apply for HS-CITA+ certification
o Course Fees is Rs 9000.