Being a State Govt. promoted corporation, HKCL since its inception has provided services/solutions for projects undertaken by State Govt., benefiting the Citizens of Haryana. HKCL also provides IT skilled manpower resources for various departments/Boards/Corporations of the State Govt. and Ayushman Bharat, Haryana is one of the esteemed departments wherein more than 75 manpower resources are deployed by HKCL.

Financial Performance:

Over the span of the last decade, the company's net worth has undergone a substantial transformation, soaring from a mere 2 crore in share capital to an impressive 31 crore, marking a remarkable journey of financial growth and prosperity.

The company has fulfilled its financial obligations to the government with exemplary commitment. With a conscientious approach, the company has made payments of 18 crore towards Service Tax/GST and 12 crores for Income Tax. This responsible financial conduct underscores the company's dedication to contributing its rightful share to the nation's progress and development.

Over the course of the last decade, the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to shareholder value by disbursing dividends totalling an impressive Rs. 1.10 crore. This significant distribution stands in contrast to the company's initial paid-up share capital of Rs. 2 crores, showcasing a steadfast dedication to providing lucrative returns and rewarding the trust placed in the company by its esteemed shareholders.