Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited(HKCL) wishes to create Channel Partner Network of Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs). These ALCs should be established by small and medium IT entrepreneurs and educational enterprises spread over all areas of the state of Haryana including metropolitan, urban, semi-urban, rural, tribal and hilly regions.

Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited(HKCL) has a special program viz: Network Partner Management Program that enables various other programs and projects. Basic purpose of Network Partner Management Program is to operate in coordination with various channel partners to execute various activities across the state of Haryana. The co-ordination of this network is done through a fully web-based management framework viz. SOLAR designed and developed by HKCL. This framework enables almost paperless management of such a massive network in a time-bound manner and on large geographical region amidst occasionally adverse conditions beset with power outages, telecom link failures, paucity of bandwidth etc.

Various programs and projects being implemented for masses by Network Partner Management Program are as follows :

  • IT Literacy and Functionality
  • Educational eGovernance Programs
  • Community Development and eEmpowerment Programs

Locate Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs)