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Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited(HKCL)'s Auction Story

The software is a robust web-based auctioning platform that has forward and reverse auction as part of the organization’s overall e-Auction process. This allows to automate the complete vendor interaction over the web for the price negotiation. e-Auction system helps improve selling efficiency of department through increased speed, improved accuracy and consistency, greater collaboration with stakeholders and suppliers, broader knowledge transfer and security.

Initially Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited(HKCL) had successfully implemented eAuction software solution for the following departments:

HSIIDC – Haryana State Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
HBH - Housing Board Haryana
HFC - Haryana Financial Corporation

Types of Auction

Forward Auction

In this auction, bidding price for an item starts from a minimum value and goes up as the buyers place their bids. The forward auction is extremely beneficial for maximizing returns on sale, reducing inventory stocks, and promoting proper optimization of stock assets.

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Reverse Auction

This auction is very useful to obtain goods or services by offering increasingly higher prices. In contrast, in a reverse auction, the sellers compete to obtain business from the buyers, and prices will typically decrease as the sellers underbid each other.

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Open Auction

This Auction is useful to increase the competition. It is beneficial for sellers, as anyone can participate in this auction. Due to large number of users, better prices will be achieved.

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Limited Auction

Through this auction only eligible bidders can participate.

Methods of Bidding

Round Wise
H1 Rule



Services Offered

Bidders +


Auction Processed +


Key Highlights of Auction Management System

Salient Features

Only eligible Bidder can participate

A bid is submitted within the established deadline; for the established deadline, it fulfills all the necessary requirements as per terms and conditions and in compliance with all the criteria.

More Transparent

Transparency at work requires both great technology and a company culture centered on openness. The result: increased productivity and trust.

Available 24 X 7

This simply means that the technical service is available round the clock.

Cost Reducing

It helps to set competitive price of product or service, increase market share in the industry, and increase profit or return.

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