University eServices from Admission to Convocation

Driven by a strong brand ideology, Digital University through Its suite of services, offers integrated and comprehensive solutions to universities using the Information Technology for effective university management. It is the only one comprehensive solution available for academic institution to manage the student’s activity using One Framework and One Database.



Affiliated Colleges & Institutions



Digital University Framework



CMS module comprises of a powerful content management system for publishing,editing/modifying, organizing, deleting, and sharing content on Website.

Course Scheme

Course Scheme comprises of all constituents required for setting up and managing course scheme. It includes academic calendar, Paper definition, attachment, grouping, TLM-AM-AT configuration and more.


Academics module seamlessly automates all academic activities leading to paperless and excel-less operation, significant time & cost savings & measurable efficiency gains across the University.


Admission module effectively manages admissions through application, approval and online payment.It’s features include single profile multiple applications, intake for each course, division, eligibility and various fee types.


Teaching is a well-integrated module that empowers faculty with powerful tools, that help them to manage their work efficiently. These tools include academic calendar, planning, scheduling, work load calculation, practical, projects, time-table and many more.

Student Profile

Profile module helps us to create and manage detailed profile of students. Student profile contains record of personal, educational, reservation, fee and examination details.


Finance module provides complete automation of different student’s applications like application for admission, course fee, exam form, revaluation, migration & convocation.


The configuration of examination module covers various exam related processes such as various type of patterns of schemes, exam centres, assessment centres, secured question paper disbursement, exam scheduling, result preparation, re-evaluation, mark sheets generation etc. are fully automated.