BBA (Services Management)

Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited(HKCL) has signed IIP (Industry Interfacing Partner) MoU with MKCL for implementation of IGNOU BBA program in the state of Haryana. Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited(HKCL) in partnership with various leading corporates started implementing ‘Work- based Learning’ Degree Programs recognized by Indira Gandhi National Open University. The first batch of Bachelor in Business Administration in Services Management commenced in July 2020. It is available for every eligible student across Haryana. This is indeed a significant milestone towards transformation of open and distance education for Indian youth. This is an innovative ‘learn while you earn’ type of degree program in which normally students from rural and economically disadvantaged sections of the society are selected on merit basis and given internships in companies to perform roles having service profiles. The interns acquire knowledge through actual work in the company and are taught to apply knowledge to make the work more profound and wholesome.

Their work performance receives work credits which contributes towards 50% weightage in the degree program. Learning is concretized through reflection sessions which are an integral part of the educational process. This has proven to be very effective for the students to derive knowledge from the work done during the day. Implementation of IGNOU BBA through Work-based Learning model attempts to solve the problem of attrition in the corporates, problem of unemployment among the youth, problem of relevance of degree program in the universities vis-à-vis the needs of industry and problem of social unrest among the educated but unemployed youth as faced by the government and society.

In this model, Nai Talim i.e., Work based Learning Management Framework is successfully deployed for all stakeholders comprising of University, Students, Mentors, and Industry partners. Students can access and read eBooks, access eLearning content in both online and offline mode. Mentors can record interactions held with students along with necessary evidence and give learning inputs to students in framework. Industry partners and University can review and evaluate student eWorkbook submissions.

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