Welcome to HS-CIT A

The Haryana State Certificate in Information Technology Application (HS-CITA) represents a comprehensive and formally structured program designed to foster literacy and competence in the field of Information Technology (IT).

This esteemed course spans a duration of six months and offers individuals the opportunity to enroll in any of the authorized learning centers facilitated by the Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited.

One of the prominent merits of this course lies in its potential to significantly augment the career trajectory of both government and private sector employees. Notably, HS-CIT(A) holds an esteemed status in the government sector, as it has been granted exemption from the State Eligibility Test in Computer Appreciation and Application (SETC) Part I, rendering it a coveted qualification in the realm of computer literacy and application.

This course comprises of

  • Personalised Learning using ERA platform
  • Hands-on practice sessions
  • Learning facilitation by certified professionals
  • Academic interactions, assessments, and collaboration
  • With a highly illustrated book