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As a teacher, you know how students learn informally outside school either through their "real world" and online experiences. The books they read for personal interest, whether it be on hardcover, paperback, Kindle, or iPad. The sports and musical instruments they play. What they like to do on the computer, whether it is games, social networking, or watching instructional online videos on how to use technology on YouTube.

As more digital tools become available and technologies that facilitate learning in multiple modalities through synchronous or asynchronous online environments become more prevalent and accessible, you as a 21st century teacher need to continue seeking additional tools and avenues to improve student learning.

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Key features

  • Focus on 21st century roles of a teacher
  • Digital skills for smart teaching
  • Teaching-learning-assessment methods for 21st century learners

Smart Teacher course will boost teachers’ professional life and make them feel more confident in their classroom. Smart Teacher course will empower teachers with 21st century skills which are directly applicable in the classroom. This will transform a teacher as a Smart Teacher and wide open the doors of various opportunities in their professional life.