• Registration process will start from October 25, 2023.
  • It will take around 3-4 weeks to get registered as an HKCL Authorized Learning Center (ALC ) based on successful completion of all requisites.

Activity Details for HKCL New Center Registration Process-2024
Sr.No. Descriptions Start Date End Date
1 Notification by HKCL 25-Oct-2023 25-Oct-2023
2 Applicant Organization (AO) will apply online by providing basic details e-mail ID, Mobile No., etc. 25-Oct-2023 10-Dec-2023
3 AO will get SOLAR login id and password by clicking on the activation link received on email & OTP on Mobile number 25-Oct-2023 10-Dec-2023
4 AO will submit EOI 25-Oct-2023 10-Dec-2023
5 AO will provide the basic location details along with Bank details 25-Oct-2023 10-Dec-2023
6 AO will transfer sum of registration and Processing fee (Rs.26500/-) + Admission security deposit (Rs.13250) amounting Rs. 39750. 27-Oct-2023 10-Dec-2023
7 AO Visit by HKCL Team. 07-Nov-2023 10-Dec-2023
8 Learning facilitator (Faculty) Registration for OnCeT Examination 13-Nov-2023 10-Dec-2023
9 OnCeT Examination for faculty at HKCL Office 21-Nov-2023 10-Dec-2023
10 Submit HR, Infra, and other details with the required Documents 22-Nov-2023 10-Dec-2023
11 HKCL Approval 30-Nov-2023 10-Dec-2023