New Center Registration Process- 2024
OnCeT Guidelines

Total Score:

Sr. No. Parameters Total Marks Minimum Marks Required
1 OnCeT Score of Learning Facilitator 50 20
2 Interview Score 30 12

Online Certification Test OnCeT

Exam Details Learning Facilitator (Faculty)
  • MS-Office 2019
  • Windows 10
  • Google Tools
  • IT Peripherals
Exam Pattern
  • Question Type: Objective type (MCQ)
  • Total Questions: 50
  • Total Marks: 50 Marks
  • 1 Question 1 Mark
  • Test Duration: 60 minutes.
Passing Criteria
  • 40 % (20 Marks)
  • No negative marking


  • There will not be any Re-Examination provision/chance for OnCeT for Learning Felicitator / Interview.
  • Learning Facilitator has to appear for the OnCeT Examination within the given schedule only.
  • The Schedule will be available on the website only. If AO does not receive any mail/communication from HKCL then AO should visit the website for schedule and guidelines. It is the responsibility of the AO to take the schedule from the website and follow it.
  • AO and LF have to bear the traveling cost on their own for coming to OnCeT Examination and Interview process.
  • If the same Center Coordinator is applying and appearing for multiple AOs then such concerned AOs application will be cancelled immediately.
  • Learning Facilitator who are working at existing ALC are not eligible to register for OnCeT Examination.

1. About Learning Felicitator OnCeT:

  • Online Certification Test (OnCeT) is the certification examination mandatory for the Learning Facilitators applying for New Centers for HKCL course.
  • The Exam is designed to examine the integral skills and differential skills and competencies of office automation tools. The faculties will be tested on various application software tools, these integral skills are required to be taught and practiced during the conduct of the HS-CIT course.
  • The Objective of the OnCeT is to offer an intellectually exciting and challenging experience to the Learning Facilitator to apply their integral skills and knowledge of the software tools through a set of integral assignments and thereby ensure their mastery of the subject to bring about overall improvement in quality of academic delivery of the course.
  • Minimum one and maximum of three applications are allowed for Learning Facilitator OnCeT Examination.
  • Atleast one Learning Facilitator has to clear the OnCeT Examination.

1.1 Syllabus

The learning Facilitators applying for the OnCeT Examination are expected to have mastery of the following skills, the major office Automation tool will be

  • Windows 10
  • MS Office 2019
  • Google Tools
  • IT Peripherals
  • Latest IT knowledge

2. Interview Score Guidelines

Following points will be considered at the time of Center Coordinator interview:

  • Age of Center Coordinator
  • Educational Qualification of Center Coordinator
  • Experience in educational training field
  • Attitude
  • Aptitude
  • Business Plan
  • Knowledge about Local Market
  • Center Location
  • Ownership of premises
  • Knowledge about IT

Note: OnCeT & Interview will be conducted at HKCL office, Panchkula.

3. OnCeT Fee of Amount

  • Rs. 1500/- For Nomination of each Learning Facilitators (Faculties) (Non Refundable)